The Association for Healthcare Risk Management of New York, Inc. (AHRMNY) is the NY Chapter of the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM), a personal membership group of the American Hospital Association (AHA). AHRMNY is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) educational organization incorporated in NY and governed by its elected officers and directors.

Membership is comprised of those individuals who are either regularly involved in or who are interested in the risk management and/or patient safety areas of a healthcare organization. Our members include persons with interest in healthcare risk management from many areas, including: Hospitals, Long Term Care Facilities, Law Firms, Insurance Companies, Third Party Administrators, Brokerage Firms, Consulting Organizations, and other health care settings.  This diversity makes a variety of viewpoints available to members and contributes to the vitality of the organization.

AHRMNY membership has been approximately 300 over the last three years. is currently the highest it has been in recent history with 310 active members during the 2011-2012 membership year. Many of our members are also members of the national organization, ASHRM. We provide an excellent opportunity for keeping up to date on current risk management topics and networking with your peers. Membership dues are currently $100 a year. We offer an organizational discount of $250 for three members all from the same company. Students can join AHRMNY for only $50 a year. We also offer a discount membership for Non-Metropolitan Area Members that live or work outside of the five boroughs of New York City, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester or Rockland counties at $50 a year. Please contact Membership Committee at (973) 641-5311 or [email protected] with any questions pertaining to membership.

Benefits of Joining

Each year we will hold at least three educational sessions of which one is a full day session. The full-day session (and annual meeting) is held each June. A fee may be required to attend. In addition there may be one or more networking/educational event(s) with a keynote speaker when members may be required to pay a fee to attend.

Some of the many topics we have covered during our seminars and conferences include: risk retention groups, developments in medical malpractice case law, CMS regulations, discoverability of risk management data, physician credentialing, regulatory and statutory requirements, The Joint Commission risk management standards, long term care liability exposure, emergency treatment liability issues, discharge planning, homecare, liability issues related to staffing, child abuse, state incident reporting and contract review.  Our evening event, usually held in March, has included a former NYC police commissioner and a focus group jury. Our journal, AHRMNY Risk Management Journal, free to members, is published regularly. It contains scholarly articles, reviews of lectures and other presentations on a wide variety of subjects related to risk management, insurance, patient safety, law and governmental regulations as well as event notices and other information of interest to members. The articles are usually written by AHRMNY members, so the newsletter also serves as an opportunity for members to exercise their writing talents.  

Another important benefit of belonging to AHRMNY is the satisfaction of working on the Association's committees. Many members have learned new skills and become acquainted with new colleagues through their work on the Fundraising, Publications, Education, Public Relations, Nominating, Membership, By-laws and Finance Committees.

We have also periodically conducted peer surveys at members’ requests.  Responding to such a survey is entirely voluntary.  Members have found such surveys helpful in understanding processes that other facilities use to handle common situations.


  • To inform health care risk managers and others involved in patient safety, risk financing and performance improvement activities about current issues and trends in risk management

  • To promote a clearer understanding of medical-legal issues and relevant legislation and case law

  • To share ideas about risk management, including problems, solutions, innovative procedures and new techniques

  • To provide formal and informal opportunities to strengthen the professional risk management network

  • To support the health care risk management profession's commitment to high-quality patient care in New York

Joining AHRMNY

AHRMNY offers revolving membership terms.  You may join at any time during the year and receive a full-year of membership.