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The Risk Management Quarterly (RMQ) is the official journal of AHRMNY. It is published four times a year with a distribution of approximately 300 copies per quarter.  RMQ’s mission is to enhance the quality of healthcare delivery through education, research, professional practice, and analysis specific to risk management issues.  This journal will contain articles on a wide variety of subjects related to risk management, patient safety, insurance, quality improvement, medicine, healthcare law, government regulations, as well as notices of improvement and other relevant information of interest to risk managers. The articles are typically written by AHRMNY members, so the journal serves as an opportunity for members to showcase writing talents.

For the official RMQ Author Guidelines and Peer Review forms see below.

AHRMNY Risk Management Quarterly is pleased to introduce a new Member Spotlight column in each edition. This column provides members the opportunity to share professional accomplishments such as recently acquired education degrees or certificates; newly acquired professional designations such as the CPHRM, CPPS etc.; an award or recognition received from their organization of employment; industry level recognition; facility/organization awards that the member was instrumental in facilitating the achievement of; projects such as IHI collaboratives, research projects; as well as promotions and job changes. Guidelines for contributions to the Member Spotlight as well as a Member Spotlight Information Sheet to be used for submissions is available below.

Please forward any ideas or submissions for publication in the RMQ to “Editors” via email with attachments to:

Publications Committee:
Judith Block
Ken Burford
Santosh Chitalia
Ken Fox
Linda Foy
Mario Giannettino
Dawn Giunta
Jose L. Guzman, Jr.
 Pamela Monastero
Michael Napoli
Ruth Nayko
Amanda Perry
Mary Steffany
Janet Walsh
 Kisha Wright

 The information presented in RMQ is for educational purposes only and not intended to be relied upon in any particular situation.